STRAIN to CAPSULE Done, the Biena

Biena is a leading producer who specializes in both lactic cultures and probiotic strains. Using only the finest naturally sourced bio-ingredients, we strive to improve the quality and health benefits of our clients’ food products. Together we bring goodness to life.


Enter Biena’s world for all your probiotic needs.
We offer customized probiotic supplements and will work with you to create the right formula tailored to your specific needs.


Enter Biena’s world for all your lactic starter needs.
We offers customized lactic cultures and will work with you in to provide everything you need for your cheese, yogurt and other dairy products.


Lactic cultures are essential to the production of fermented foods, like yogurt, kefir and cheese. At Biena, we offer a complete range of ferments tailored to our clients’ needs.



Probiotics are living, active microorganisms that, when ingested in certain quantities, confer significant health benefits such as; stimulating the immune system. Backed by more than a century of scientific research, the benefits of probiotics to human and animal health are well established.



Committed to Excellence

Right from the start, Biena’s mission has been to provide the health product and food processing industries with quality ingredients.
From inception right through your finished product, Biena’s specialists will guide you through the process.

To meet the specific needs of our diverse clientele, we work hard to give them a competitive edge, help them meet the changing demands
of their own customers and ensure that they comply with stringent regulatory and quality standards.