Dedicated to Quality Probiotics

From our strains to your marketed product

Biena is a leading producer and distributor of bacterial cultures. We offer innovative solutions and personalized service to meet all your changing needs and demands.

What sets us apart

Science is our strength

With more than 25 years of experience in production, our R&D team is always on the lookout for innovative ideas and effective solutions to drive continuous improvement. Because we are agile, we stay current with the rapid evolution of science by swiftly incorporating new discoveries into our processes. This guarantees that we are always providing state-of-the-art solutions encapsulating only the latest advancements.

The power of our strains

Not your average probiotic supplement

We work hard to add goodness to life by using naturally sourced, top quality ingredients in every dose.

Our 360° offer

We take care of every step

Since all our departments are at the same location, we can oversee the entire process and support you from your idea to your perfect solution.


5000 m² state-of-the-art cGMP facility

Because all departments are in-house, we have complete control of operations to meet your highest standards

The facility includes

Our research team contributes to the development of innovative and exceptional products by carrying out rigorous strain selection, production optimization, scientific studies and creative formulation development. 

Our quality team stays on top of production to maximize the stability, effectiveness, and viability of your product, from the strain to the finished product.

Our facility is designed to help you create your formulation using a wide range of dosage forms, flavors, and concentrations.

All your orders will be traceable in real- time and at every stage of the process for your convenience and peace of mind.

360° Quality management

We hit the highest standards with full transparency & care

We control quality at every step to meet all your regulatory requirements.

Production Facility

Production Capacities

Our cutting-edge equipments can handle any project. With our adaptability and versatility, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish!

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