Who we are

Our Work Ethics

Our commitment

Through our actions, we contribute to creating a better world for future generations.


As "Biena" means wellness, we value contributing positively to society and promoting 360° well-being

human rights and ethics

Our policy is based on safety, security, health, ethical conduct, respect for individuals and environmental protection. We comply with Canadian Human Rights Legislation and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and value freedom of association.

Safe and Healthy work environment

We are committed to providing a clean and safe work environment and respecting the privacy of individuals, including customers, consumers, employees and business partners. Our procedures uphold the highest standards for facility operations, environmental protection, and customer satisfaction.

Fair labor

We strongly adhere to all laws and regulations ensuring fair treatment, proper compensation, and safe working conditions. We are strictly opposed to child labor, forced labor, slavery, human trafficking, child abuse, hazardous work, corporal punishment and involuntary servitude and hold our suppliers and clients to the same high standards.

Non-discrimination and anti-harassment policy

We value equality and ensure that no employee faces discrimination based on race, sex, disability, age, religion, color, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or veteran status in hiring, promotion, transfer, termination, compensation, and training.

Our way to give back

Canadian Wildlife Federation

Biena is proud to support the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s mission to protect and inspire the conservation of wildlife and habitat for the use and enjoyment of all.

Sustainable solutions

We are committed to taking ethical actions to contribute to a greener solution

Reduction of 1200mt of CO²

We are committed to actively participate in global initiatives to combat climate change and foster a more sustainable planet. To do so, our goal is to reduce our carbon dioxide (CO²) emissions by 1200 metric tons within the next 4 years.

Recyclable packaging solutions

To minimize our collective impact on the environment, we offer eco-friendly packaging solutions that can be efficiently processed in recycling systems.

Reduced energy cost glycol system

Our system allows us to optimize energy efficiency while maintaining high-performance standards for a more sustainable and cost-effective solution.

Water saving recycling system

In order to implement optimal water management practices, we recently invested in a water recycling system that saves 80% of water consumption in our plant.

Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

By using sustainable palm oil, we work to establish new standard practice and make a positive impact to protect biodiversity, support local communities, and reduce the negative impacts associated with conventional palm oil cultivation.

Verified ID, Non-GMO & Allergen-Free

Because we understand your need to know exactly what is in your products, we ensure that all ingredients are fully validated and meet all requirements for Allergen-free, Verified ID and Non-GMO Project Verified certifications.

SMETA 4-Pillar audits

By complying to SMETA 4-Pillar audit, we demonstrate our commitment to responsible and ethical business practices.

• Fair Labor Standards
• Health & Safety Regulations
• Business Ethics
• Environmental Practices