Our 360° offer

Everything under the same roof

Because all of our teams are on site, we are able to control the whole supply chain and deliver utmost quality products. This asset allows us to give you a full 360° service, whatever your needs are.

Research & development

Our research team synergy

We address challenges with a holistic approach, exploring them from diverse perspectives. Our objective is to create accessible and innovative solutions that transform ideas into exceptional products.

R&D possibilities

Our research team plays a vital role in driving innovation and contributing to the development of safe, effective and top-quality products. 

Strain selection

Identifying, characterizing and optimizing our strains offer.

Quality control

Establishing quality control protocols to meet the highest regulatory standards.


Collaborating with academic institutions and conducting animal and clinical studies to evaluate the safety, efficacy and health benefits of specific strains and formulations.


Developing, personalizing and optimizing your innovative solution with our highly efficacious strains.

Pilot plant

Testing ingredients and formulas before scale-up to production.

New products

Researching and developing new probiotic solutions to meet the changing market demands.

Strain production

Rigor and accuracy

Our quality procedure includes several checkpoints to maximize strain stability, efficacy and viability.

Experts in all production steps

Our production facility was built according to the latest cGMP manufacturing standards

Cultivation & fermentation

Every strain is cultivated and upstreamed in our top-of-the-line fermentors under an optimized environment.


The fermentate is transferred to our centrifugation units to isolate the live cells from the fermentation medium.

Cryoprotection & Lyophilization

The cells are treated to maintain their viability during lyophilization. The concentrated cultures are then freeze-dried to create a powder form.


Finally, the powder is grinded and properly stored at specific conditions.


Let’s transform your idea into something real

Encapsulation and tabletting
We offer a wide range of products including capsules and chewables with multiple flavor and size options.

Sizes 4 to 00
Vegetarian and delayed-release capsules

Chewables & tablets

Sizes 400 to 600 mg
Flavors such as grape, strawberry or mixed berry  

Finished product packaging
We can package under your brand name into bottles, blisters, or any other customized presentation. All set to hit the market!


Bottles / day


Boxes / day

Storage and shipping
Your premium solutions will be handled with care and efficiency to ensure you an hassle-free global distribution, from our facility to your warehouse.

We ship worldwide

Total quality control

We have implemented a Total Quality Management program at every step of our supply chain because high quality standards are the foundation of who we are.

Inspection & Auditing
We are regularly inspected and audited internally and by 3rd-party authorities.

Our strains are registered with Health Canada, and we comply with regulatory requirements in over 50 countries.

Intellectual property
Our team always works to develop and protect new innovative solutions.

Security & conformance
We test our production at every stage of the process.

We comply with FDA, Halal, Non-GMO project Verified, ID Verified and cGMP certifications.

Logistic Transparency

Follow your project every step of the way

We believe that trust is built on transparency. Therefore, we have established a system that allows you to track your orders in real-time, from our labs to your warehouses.


Our team receive and confirm your order.

Pre-launch stage

We plan the production, assess material availability and set the groundwork to meet your date.


We set up the production line, calibrate equipment and execute the production plan with precision to reach our quality standards.

Quality assurance

We test samples in our labs for microbial content, potency, purity, and contaminants to guarantee high-quality products.


Finally, we handle and deliver your order with care, coordinating with logistics partners for timely and secure distribution.