Human Rights & Ethics

At Biena Inc., we are committed to the protection and advancement of human rights. Biena’s Human Rights Policy is based on the core values of Safety, Security, Health, Ethical Behavior, and Respect for the Individual and Environmental protection. Our commitment is guided by the principles stated in Canada’s human rights laws, and the United Nations (UN) guiding principles on business and human rights. Biena personnel have Freedom of Association for a common goal, under respect of law. Biena is continuously committed to conduct its business in an ethical and responsible way that supports and respects the protection of human rights. At Biena, we identify and work with organization and business partners who are determined to act in accordance with internationally recognized human rights standards. We recognize that human rights protection is a continuous process and we have policies, processes, training and monitoring systems in place in advancement of this commitment. At Biena, we expect each employee to act lawfully toward other employees, colleagues and our other business partners.

We are indeed responsible to the local communities in which we work and do business by respecting the international human rights standards.

Fair and Child Labour

All employment must be in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including those concerning hours, compensation, opportunity, and working conditions. We support, follow and comply with child labor laws within our operation unit. At Biena, we do not accept the use of children, forced labor, slavery or human trafficking. We do not accept child abuse, their engagement in unacceptably hazardous work, physical punishment, or involuntary servitude of any worker. We expect our suppliers and clients with whom we do business to support the same standards.

Safe and Healthy Work Environment

It is the policy of Biena that all employees work in a clean, orderly and safe environment. We are committed to protecting the privacy of those who entrust us with their personal information, including our customers, consumers, employees and those who do business with us. Biena policies and procedures are based on highest standards for the safe operation of facilities and the protection of our environment, our employees, and our customers.

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment

Biena is committed to a working environment that is free of harassment and Violence of any type. At Biena, we believe that no employee should be discriminated against because of race, sex, disability, age (within legal limits), religion, color, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, or veteran status with respect to hiring, promotion, demotion, transfer, recruitment, termination, rates of pay, or other forms or compensation and selection for training.