Lactic Cultures

What are lactic cultures?
Microorganisms essentially involved in the manufacture of fermented food, such as cheese, yogurt and kefir.

The use of lactic cultures has evolved over the years, moving from food preservation to creating delicacies.
At Biena, we consistently research and develop ferments and technologies
able to respond to your process and product needs.

Lactic Cultures

Biena offers a complete range of ferments used to manufacture a wide variety of dairy products (fresh and aged cheeses, yogurt, kefir and other fermented probiotic drinks) and processed meats (salami, sausage, and pepperoni). From inception to the finished product, our highly trained technical experts will guide you through the entire process. Our research and quality team will ensure that your product is made according to the best manufacturing practices, using the latest innovations and quality ingredients. Our regulatory department will assist you with legal matters and quality standards. Over the years, we have earned the respect of our food clients through our unrelenting efforts to supply consistently high quality ferments.

Technical Documentation Available

At Biena, we will provide you, upon your written request, with the technical documentation you need as well as oversee regulations to leave you with a product that’s market ready.

  • Technical Information
  • Allergen Information
  • MSDS Sheet
  • Non GMO declaration
  • Guaranty Letter
  • Kosher Certification
  • Certificate of Analysis

Varieties of Strains & Cultures

Biena offers a variety of probiotic strains and lactic cultures to fit your needs.
Click on the link below to view all our variations.