What are Probiotics?

The World Health Organization defines them
“live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host”.

Formulas Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Biena offers a full turnkey service for your specific needs. Our wide range of services includes concentrated pure cultures, formula blends, and semi-finished dosage forms (capsules, chewable tablets or sachets). We can also package finished products in bottles, blisters or any other specialized presentation ready to be marketed under your brand name.

Our new manufacturing facility was built according to the latest health product manufacturing standards set out by the Natural Health Product Directorate of Canada and the Food & Drug Administration. We design tailor-made formulations for specific applications such as use as nutraceuticals in food and dairy processing, or as dietary supplements for natural health product formulations in over ten countries.

Technical Documentation

At Biena, we will provide you, upon your written request, with the technical documentation you need as well as oversee regulation to leave you with a product that’s market-ready.

  • Technical Information
  • Allergen Information
  • MSDS Sheet
  • Non-GMO declaration
  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Kosher Certification
  • Certificate of Analysis

Dosage Forms

We offer high-quality probiotic solutions in a range of forms.

We understand the importance of not just tailoring formulas to your individual needs, but also of having the right dosage form and finished format to reach your target market. To make this even easier for our clients, all our products are allergen free as well as Halal and Kosher certified.


We offer various capsule sizes and numerous shell options. Our Capsugel® vegetarian capsules are gelatine-free, offer stable performance and are the most recommended shells in the pharmaceutical industry today. We have a vast selection to meet your every need.


Flavoured, chewable probiotic tablets are an easy solution for children and for those who find it hard to swallow supplements. We offer a wide range of flavours and sizes to make it things as trouble-free as possible.

Sticks and Sachets

Our probiotics also come in high-barrier sticks or sachets that you can add to your favourite beverages or foods or ingest immediately.

Secondary Dosage Forms

We’ll deliver our probiotic supplements in the format that best meets your needs: bulk, plastic or glass bottles, blisters or packaged in boxes.

Varieties of Strains & Cultures

Biena offers a variety of probiotic strains and lactic cultures to fit your needs.
Click on the link below to view all our variations.